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Goode Time Productions Presents Scrooge!


If you think the Grinch is a loveable curmudgeon, well he has met his match in Goode Times Productions' adaptation of Scrooge; the wonderful grump you love to hate. Have Scrooge at your next holiday event and he's sure to bring laughter, jokes and all of the bad taste you could possibly want for the holiday season. Whether you need a Master of Ceremony, a personal roast, or just a giver of humorously bad spirit, Mr. Scrooge is your man.

Let us tailor Scrooge's act to fit your party by providing us with personal details of all the guests. Whether it be an amusing story or an embarrassing anecdote, Scrooge will use all of the stories you provide to fill the evening with a personal experience sure to leave your guests doubled over with laughter. Scrooge is the perfect touch for corporate or private parties. Learn the art of regifting, saying no to the holidays, the joys of being heartless and how to close an orphanage in ten easy steps. Book now before The Ghost of Christmas Past comes knocking on your door! Contact Tony Duran at 323 788 1719.

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