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The History Of Father Christmas.

St Nicolas of Myra

Even though St. Nicholas is known as the 'Original Santa Claus', we know very little about this fictional character. His very existence has been questioned due to the fact that there is very little solid references to him. What can be said with some certainty is that St Nicholas probably lived in the fourth-century in the Lycian port of Myra, south west of Turkey. St. Nicholas was also a Catholic bishop. Hence the "red Santa suit." It is also said that he died on December 6th, and a feast day is celebrated in the medieval church calendar in his honor. One of the earliest legends associated with St. Nicholas is that he heard of a man who could not afford the wedding dowries of his three daughters. So it was his intention, regretfully, to send his girls to a brothel to work. St. Nicholas prevents that from happening by throwing three bags of gold through their window at night saving them from that horrible fate. It's this tale that defines Santa Claus as a "giver of gifts."

The English Father

Christmas: A Different Origin.... The English Father Christmas seems to have a completely different origin from Sinterklass or what we know as Santa Claus. This character personifies Christmas and a Yule Tide Visitor rather than a "gift giver." The earliest reference to Father Christmas comes from the mid-fifteenth century when a "Sir Christmas" appears in a Christmas song attributed to Richard Smart. He also makes an appearance in Ben Johnson's early seventeenth century "Captain Christmas". While the puritans of the seventeenth century tried to do away with Father Christmas, the revival of the Victorian Christmas also revived the popularity of this character. In 1843, Father Christmas made an appearance in Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." From then on, Father Christmas evolved into the American Santa Claus both in terms of giving gifts to children all over the world, as well as the wearing of the traditional red suit.


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