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Goodetime Carolers

Goode Time Carolers

It's hard to imagine Christmas without Christmas carols. This rich tradition became Christianized in the year 129 AD, when one of the earliest Christmas carols known as "Angels Hymn" was sung at a mass, as ordered by the bishop. In the 1200s St. Francis of Assisi began having nativity plays in which the insisted that the players sing in the language of audience (Most carols had been written in Latin up to that time). This practice allowed the audience to sing along and entrenched the songs in the hearts and minds of Christians everywhere. When the tradition of Christmas carols spread across sea to England, it became a custom to sing from door to door. If the song was appreciated, the carolers were invited in for hot beverages and holiday faire. From England, the caroling tradition came to America and this is where we begin the story of the Goode Time Carolers.

Tony Duran and John Hartmann met in 2003, singing Christmas Carols. That same year, Tony and John began discussing a vision they had to for a high-end Caroling Company that would emphasize style, class and elegance. One year later, Tony had a dream and in that dream the design for the dresses came to him. He sat down and wrote out his dream. The result: the most glamorous, beautifully dressed carolers in Los Angeles. Each dress was hand-sewn and each bead was meticulously placed, bead by bead. With the idea of television and film in mind, painstaking detail was added to every part of the dress. The Goode Time Carolers have since been on television, including an entire episode of Character Fantasy. We pride ourselves on hiring only the most seasoned and trained singers to make your holiday party one you will remember. Our carolers pride themselves on not only singing but fully engaging the audience. Our mix of high energy singing, comedy and beautiful harmonies will make your Christmas party one to remember.


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