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Goodetime Carolers

Goode Time Productions is the Premier

Caroling Company in Dallas.

Texas celebrates Christmas bigger than any state in this great nation! The Goode Time Carolers will help you raise the elegance factor of your holiday event by ten notches. Now that you have the #1 caroling company from Los Angeles in Dallas, there is no reason to settle for less!

Our goal is to bring a high brow style and panache that will warm your heart and tickle your soul. Goode Time Productions has taken Christmas caroling to a whole new level in Dallas. The extensive repertoire we bring to the "Happiest Place On Earth", we will bring to you. We have over 70 carols memorized to ensure a top notch performance. Our costumes are couture elegance at its best, sparing no cost to detail. Lets us help you create special intimate experiences, annual traditions and life-defining moments that only the holidays can bring. Whether it’s a small, formal holiday soiree or an extremely large corporate party, The Goode Time Carolers are sure to be the jewel in the crown of your holiday planning! Book The Goode Time Carolers now and we  guarantee that you will experience the BEST holiday entertainment that Dallas has to offer.

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